AP US Government or AP Comp. Government

Looking at classes for Senior year, and contemplating taking AP Comparative Government and Politics, rather than AP US Gov. Currently taking DE College US History as a Junior, and I have a higher interest in world politics than a sole focus on the US. I also am planning on taking AP Euro. in senior year. However, should I just take AP US Gov. in senior year for college apps, leaving world politics for a class in college, or are they both viewed evenly in college apps?

Check with your guidance counselor. At my D’s school/state, gov was a required course for graduation (not necessarily AP but a senior year government course).

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Agree with the above. If US Gov is a graduation requirement, take that.

If it’s not a requirement, it’s your call. Colleges will have no preference.


As long as US gov isn’t required, colleges won’t care. IMO Comp Gov is a good class to take with Euro, and is an under-rated AP. It’s not particularly challenging, but the content is good.

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