AP US History

<p>My students are just getting their scores for the AP exam and I am not pleased. Ordinarily almost everyone in my small class receives a 3, 4 or 5, but this year I have only one 5, no 4s, two 3s , and three 2s.......there are still a few kids I do not know about yet, but I'm very surprised and disappointed. Is anyone else out there experiencing an off year and if so, what do you think is going on....Have they raised the bar? Is something way different since the audit? Another girl in the local area is having the same experience...something in the water?...or was this test just harder than we thought?</p>

<p>For me, I think the DBQ was what gave me a 4. We just happened to hit on Vietnam three weeks before the test, and our teacher went over it in great detail. Ended up writing a 4 page essay on it, even though I had no clue on the other essays. I just got lucky.</p>

<p>I wasn't the best history student, and the multiple choice was ok at best.</p>

<p>I thought the essays were a little harder this year than on previous tests.</p>

<p>I think that fact that many people didn't know what the Market Revolution was hurt a of peoples scores. My teacher got a bunch of complaints from APUSH teachers around the United States complaining that they have never heard about the Market Revolution. I guess a lot of classes don't cover it as well as some.</p>

<p>well i realized the same thing. even though i am a student, i asked a lot of my friends (which i was expecting to get fives) and they got really lower scores than they anticipated. i dunno but i know for our class the book questions were a really big problem. how about everyone else?</p>

<p>I was lucky on the DBQ. The Vietnam War was one of the things I was interested in and what I knew best plus we cover it like 2 weeks before the exam so it was fresh. The FRQ were hard for me though and I had no idea what the market revolution was.</p>

<p>i received a 4 on the exam. i was really hoping to get a 5, but... </p>

<p>anyways, i thought the exam was harder. the multiple choice were harder than the released AP exams we practiced in class. or maybe i was just in the real testing environment. i don't know. </p>

<p>the essays were also harder. we rushed through Vietnam War right before the exam so i didn't know much about that part. i have never heard of Market Revolution before, but i might had gotten it right. from the name and the time period, i just thought i should write about the inventions made during that time. i completely guessed on the last FRQ.</p>

<p>Here is what happened at my school:
last year (my class) was only one class of about 29 or so kids. like 12 5's and good bit of 4's, lots of 3's, like three 2's.
this year, because of that success, the class was split into about 4 periods. probably double the number of kids took the class (i think about 65 or so). only 5 5's. so yeah.</p>

<p>it may be that the test was harder or the curve was harsher. i personally think this years class was less motivated and studious than last years.</p>

<p>I actually have talked to people and found they did better than expected. That truly is surprising, because our non-AP US courses didn't even get past 1950, which meant that Vietnam knowledge was self-studied or nonexistent.</p>

<p>I found the MC questions to be easy and the essays to be more difficult because they were more obscure than I expected.</p>

<p>My school had about 100 students take APUSH. Only a nerd girl and I got a five. I thought that test was easy as pie, but I love history. The essays were possibly on the easiest subjects in the book and the MC was for a 12 year old.</p>

<p>^ Ouch. That hurts.</p>