AP USH vs Curicullum1 for HS Junior

<p>My Daughter will be a Junior at HS next year.</p>

<p>US History is a requirement for Junior year. But the only choices given are either AP USH or Curicullum1. Notably, there is no Honors level offered (currently she takes Honors World History in Sophomore class).</p>

<p>We are debating as to what course she should take.
She is going to take AP Calc BC, AP Bio, AP Latin, AP French.
And she is not sure if taking AP History would be too much a load.</p>

<p>My questions:</p>

<p>1) Is taking Cur1 level course really bad idea?
2) Will it be important to take AP History at some point?</p>

<p>Your advise is much appreciated.

<p>I would say, go with AP. If this curriculum 1 class is not honors, then even a lower grade in AP would probably look better than an A in curriculum. Plus, it shows that she is willing to really test herself and has the work ethic to work really hard.</p>

<p>What is curriculum 1?</p>

<p>Cur1 is a course 1 level below Honors. (Cur2 is 2 steps lower than Honors)</p>

<p>Has she talked to the APUSH teacher and current students to see what the workload is like? It could be a class big on homework and lecture, or it could be more of a class discussion course with less written work. We don't know her school, or how difficult anything is, this is really the only good advice we can give you.</p>

<p>I would advice for her to consider how she's managed to balance stress and work. AP Latin is one of the hardest AP's available, and it seems that her junior year is already a slew of memorization courses besides Calc BC. Calc BC in itself is fun but time-consuming.</p>

<p>She should go to a resident AP US teacher and ask about courseload.</p>

<p>Ask if she wants to put in at least an hour or two every night on reading alone. At my school AP US is considered one of the hardest APs to get a good grade in, even though everyone ends up with 5s on the AP exam.
If she likes history and enjoys reading I would say go for it. Plus in my opinion it is very important to know about our country.
I feel that the class has been very rewarding.
She has a lot of other APs though. So I think she should talk to the teacher to see how bad the workload is at her school.
Best of luck with her decision!</p>

<p>im in APUSH right now and it is not that bad......to be honest it depends on the teacher and yourself. Our class average is 63% but that is because half of the kids are just plain lazy. APUSh requires a whole lot of work and understanding. I usually just study the chapters we are on over the weekend.....approximately 3 hours per chapter so you can say 9 hours. If she is willing to put the effort, she should do it by all means. On top of that, she will get exposed to all different types of facts which will make her open minded.</p>

<p>APUSH is basically a waste of time...I chose not to take it this year because it's so much more work, and it doesn't look that great to colleges (compared to other APs it's nothing). Both my brothers went to Cornell, and neither of them took APUSH, so...</p>