AP vs. IB

<p>I'm an incoming junior who is already geared up to take the IB program. Before school starts, and I jump into the IB ocean, I'd like to reconsider my options one last time so I have no regrets later.</p>

<p>I certainly understand a lot of the arguments concerning IB and AP (i.e. IB has significantly more depth whereas AP has is based on breadth), but which is really better?</p>

<p>Although a lot of arguments point to the fact that AP gives a lot more flexibility to choose the courses that pertain to the individual student, I do not find this to be a problem. For example, my upcoming schedule has 2 IB SL courses, but I am taking another 4 AP classes on top of that. Also, isn't IB offering students a systematic learning and volunteering experiences through its CAS requirements and Extended Essays?</p>

<p>Post your thoughts. Thanks!</p>

<p>Disclaimer: I am a huge fan of IB for the students who want to do it.</p>

<p>D's school does the full diploma with an AP/IB schedule Junior year...May was tough, but I think it was just as tough for D's classmates who are doing all AP. IB has depth, research, and CAS...but if it's not something you want to do, you will not be happy. The returning students frequently comment on how well prepared they are for succeeding at the colleges they attend.</p>

<p>AP is super flexible because you can have total control over what you take, whereas IB has req's to get the diploma and such.
ALTHOUGH- AP is often criticized for having some "blow-off" subjects (stats, psyche) that aren't difficult and don't prepare well for college.
In my experience, AP is better because there's more people taking them, and it's easier to find released exams and practice materials, which are awesome for studying.
Overall, I think that AP is better... but barely.</p>

<p>Freshman year I was signed up to go to a school with an IB program. However, one month before school started, I decided to not go to that schol because all my friends were going to another school. The schol I currently go to only offers AP Courses (they offer about 25). I still have friends who went to the IB school (we are going to be juniors) and they say that IB is a harder and better and everything. However, I think you stil learn the main material (im not really sure). My advice, do whatever you feel most comfertble with. However, just make sure that whichever choice you take, work as hard as you would for the other. Good luck! (btw, I do no regret my choice at all)</p>

<p>IB > AP</p>

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<p>You can check universities about what they give subject credit for. For IB, you generally need HL, not SL, for subject credit at a university.</p>

<p>Although all of the AP courses and tests are "AP", some are much better accepted for useful subject credit than others. E.g. English Literature and Calculus BC tend to be more useful for subject credit than Human Geography and Statistics.</p>

<p>If you are hoping for college credit, you might want to check out some of the colleges you are thinking of applying to. My kids' college gives very little credit for IB courses. Just something you might want to consider.</p>