AP World/European History

<p>OK, here's the deal. I have to take both World/European History AP Exam this year and I frankly haven't got the time to read thick hardcover textbooks 1700+pages long. Any ideas on how I should crack this problem? Anyone who got a five? Any review book recommendations? Not Barrons, Princeton, or Kaplan...</p>

<p>My friends say that 'Modern European History' is excellent, but I'm not sure if that's enough to help me get a five on the AP. Some say that the Barrons Easy Way series are OK but...</p>

<p>Any feedbacks will be most heartily welcomed</p>


<p>Thanks in advance:)</p>


<p>Sorry, I just realized that it's the wrong forum.
I would really appreciate if anyone replies though.</p>

<p>hehe yes! this was posted in the wrong forum, but premeds should like history anyway! (It's exciting!)</p>

<p>I took European History my junior year. I didn't buy one of those review books, because I think that they don't work; maybe they do for bio or calc, but european history is sooo much reading that going to you textbook would be the best source of info. </p>

<p>I recommend that you RELAX and review "problem areas." </p>