ap world history exam question

So im going to be taking the ap world history next week on may 12. the exam consists of 3 essays and 70 multiple choice questions.
the format of the exam is shown inthe following
Document-Based Question (50 minutes)
Change-over-time question (40 minutes)
Comparative essay (40 minutes)
Each question in this section is weighted equally
and the multiple choice is 55 mintures

lets say I dont finish the writing section in time since im a slow test taker, can i skip one of the three essays but complete everything else and still get a 3 or 4 onthe ap exam? Any suggestions/ideas are appreciated since im new to this forum

Try playing around either this:


Hi Ruben,

As a fellow WHAPper myself, I’d say its unlikely, but not impossible, that you could get a 4 if you skipped an essay question, but it is very likely to get a 3. I’ve taken 4 practice tests, and with a usual 55/70+ on the MC, I basically guarantee myself a 4. I bombed one of the essays for my last practice test, and got a 0 on it, and was still able to attain a 4. However, I did have a fairly high multiple choice score of a 56/70. My suggestion to you, if you absolutely have to skip an essay, write an excellent thesis so you can at least have one point, and also DON’T LEAVE ANY MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS BLANK, it’s a grade killer.