AP World History or AP GOV

If you were to choose, which would be better to take?
I’m taking APUSH in Sophmore and APEURO in Junior, and I’m planning to take APWH in Sophmore with APUSH and APGOV with APEURO but I’m not sure. So what would you choose if you had to take one out to just take stress off.

I would not take APUSH and APWH concurrently. The amount of reading and writing will be immense. And if you are really unlucky, both classes will have a major research paper due on the same day.

Push one to senior year if you are intent on taking them all.

What do you think about APGOV and APUSH?
I got recommended to take APSTATS and PreCal together so Im able to move my schedule around a bit.

That’s fine

Your counselor would be the best person to advise you on the course schedules undergone by prior admits from your school to selective schools, which I assume you’re planning on applying to.

If your school allows taking AP Euro and APUSH at the same time, then there’s no problem, but keep in mind that both classes are extremely time intensive, and IMO would recommend taking them in separate years, unless the rest of your course schedule is manageable (i.e. not multiple other AP courses as well.)

Medicine is a graduate degree in the United States. Are you planning on applying to BS/MD programs? In that case, most are looking for strong preparation in the sciences (preferably AP/IB Sciences) and math (preferably AP/IB Calculus, if your school offers it.)

Hope that helps!

AP US Gov!!! Such a good class. Also, I loved APUSH too! I would take APUSH with US Gov - some of the material transfers over & honestly might help your performance in both. Good luck

take ap world sophomore. ap us junior. ap gov in senior. ap euro should be taken in junior or senior year.