AP World History textbook or AP World History Textbook

Hi, I’m a sophomore, and I’m taking AP World History. My school provided my with Ways of the World 2nd Edition, but I don’t think that it goes too in death for its corresponding exam. Moreover, I came across another textbook called World Civilizations: Global Edition 7. It seems kinda boring, but I’m just here to ask which textbook is better and for what reasons.

Use the one your school recommends. If you’re really worried, buy a prep book.

Yes, use the school textbook for the school course, with AP prep books if needed.

AP World History or just regular world history, is there any textbook with the image of Cleric, Knight and Workman in it?

Double posting, but the message from the AQA GCSE subjects is to give up on a year of world history and have citizenship studies instead.