AP world history vs... baking

<p>So for senior year I'm taking all AP courses + one finance course (supposably hardest business course our school offers, but not AP). That fills up seven of my courses, but for the last block I can either take baking, world history, or take a study block. </p>

<p>Now my question is: will baking really affect my how colleges look at my highschool transcript (all my courses have either been honours or APs), since cooking is something I ... enjoy (okay kind of embarassing) and one of my best friends is in the class and I kind of promised her I would take it. Of course a study block is also ideal, since I'll also be busy running some clubs next year... </p>

<p>So yeah any imput CC? Will baking get me insta-rejected from top colleges?</p>

<p>Have you taken a history course every year? If so, I don't really see it hurting you. Have some fun :)</p>

<p>"Will baking get me insta-rejected from top colleges?"</p>


<p>Take baking.</p>

<p>you promised</p>

<p>Well actually I live in Canada, and here we kind of bundle everything into one social course (e.g. socials 8 for grade 8s, social 9 for grade 9s etc.) so on my transcript there won't be anything about any history courses, so would that be bad?</p>

<p>Don't worry about this. Really. Take the class that is the most interesting to you in this case.</p>

<p>Your problem, if you apply to US colleges/universities, will be that you are an international candidate, not that you took baking.</p>