<p>okay so after browsing this forum and the pre med topic forum
i have discovered ( tell me if im right ) that if i do intend on taking the ap bio and ap calc ab tests and get 4 or 5's on them. I can use the ap credit to not taket he gen. courses because my major is molecular and cellular biology thus i will be taking upper level bio courses my junior and senior years. from reading earlier posts i noticed that this would be okay and acceptable if i aped out of earlier gen ed courses such as general biology and 1st semster of calc 1. if i aped out of calc 1 i would take 2nd semester of calc 1 and then second semester i would take statistics and possibly calc 2 the next year . would this be an efficient method for me to use ? or no... and that i should not take the ap tests my senior year and just take gen bio and calc 1 the whole freshman year . i want to at the very least get out of gen bio because i want to take physics my fresh year or at the very least soph year insted of the junior year that my counselor wants me to take it</p>

<p>I would recommend taking the AP bio exam and the credit to get out of intro bio. You'll cover your pre-med bio requirements in spades if you keep that major, so that's not an issue.</p>

<p>The calculus issue as you've described it is fine either way. A year of math is sufficient at most medical schools. Whether that's calc 1 and stats, or calc 1 and 2 or calc 2 and stats, doesn't really matter. The stats course is by far going to be the most useful when you're actually in medical school and as a practicing physician...the calculus, not so much.</p>

<p>Unless you have some overpowering reason to take physics early, it doesn't really matter. Seems that there are some institutional habits across the country about when pre-meds take physics. At my school it was mainly juniors, who were also taking biochem concurrently. If you're a science major you're going to have to double up on sciences anyways most semesters, but I'd try to avoid tripling up if possible - at least until you've been around long enough to hear which classes/profs tend to be easier. If you can load three easier classes a semester, that's obviously a smart decision.</p>

<p>what im thinking about is not taking the ap calc test..and just focusing on ap bio and just take calc 1 for my fresh year and then taking a semster of stats to replace intro bio..but im still not sure i need sum advice</p>