<p>Can you all tell me if I have this right regarding AP credit. If you meet their required AP minimum scores, you get the credits they list? It will provide you credit, but no grade, correct, meaning no factoring into your GPA? For the majority of the time, such as Texas A and M?</p>

<p>Right. You get credit to graduate faster and fullfill the neccessary classes, but you they don't factor into your College GPA.</p>

<p>Generally, is there a max on the maximum number of credits that can be transferred?</p>

<p>Usually there is a max. They don't want you graduating in two years or something.
And for some schools, you don't graduate early at all. You just graduate with more credits (and you can take more advanced courses)</p>

<p>With lots of AP credits, its very possible to graduate in 3 years or less.</p>