APAH: which prep book should I use?

<p>I'm taking AP Art History right now and I'm pretty scared for it. My teacher is trying but.. 1) I've never fallen asleep so many times in one class session. Seriously. Not a fun class; 2) He's an English major and this is his like 3rd year teaching APAH. I don't really know what's he doing.</p>

<p>I have The Annotated Mona Lisa already but I don't think that'll be sufficient.</p>

<p>So.. Barron's or REA? Barron's seems to be the only APAH prep book recommended on the consolidated list but I heard some good things about REA as well.</p>

<p>If anyone has taken the course or used any of the books, please provide some details on them! :)) I plan on not only using them to actually study for the exam but also using them to complement the class. Thanks!</p>

<p>I took APAH as a high school course last year (not self-studied) and got a 5. I used both Annotated Mona Lisa and REA, and I have to say, REA was really helpful. It explains things a lot more concisely than that Gardner's brick, but it's not nearly as vague as Annotated Mona Lisa.</p>

<p>The best thing about REA I think was how the authors analyzed past AP exams to see question trends; the book tells you what periods to emphasize in your studying and which ones are best to skim over. The lists at the back of the book (female artists and patrons, American artists, top ten works you must know) were especially helpful.</p>

<p>The CD it comes with isn't that great (it includes no 20th century images) and the practice tests aren't terrific either. But I still found it to be the best bet in terms of preparing for the exam.</p>

<p>I'm taking this class next year as well and I want to know whether or not I should even read the Gardner's book. Which sections of the Gardner's should I read that the Annotated Mona Lisa does not cover?</p>

<p>@cellist: Thanks for the reply! :) I heard great (so to say haha) things about REA. Normally, I would buy both but since both Barron's and REA are pricey, I want to make the right choice.</p>

<p>Anyone else? :D Please?</p>

<p>@Punjabx: I would just read Gardner's. Not saying to completely READ it as you would an actual book or something but I'm sure you'll be doing outlines from the textbook anyway.. Gardner's isn't horrible but there is a lot of information.</p>


<p>I used Gardner's during the school year and Barron's for test prep and got a 5. For what it's worth.</p>