Apartment hunting

<p>Any suggestions for where to live on the bus route? Safe, clean, fun and reasonable?</p>

<p>Here is a really good website I found: Apartments</a> in College Station, Texas - Apartment Search, College Apartments, College Rentals
I'm still searching for a place to live as well.</p>

<p>Try Aggiesearch - Welcome</a> - AggieSearch</p>

<p>and Craigslist craigslist:</a> college station classifieds for jobs, apartments, personals, for sale, services, community, and events</p>

<p>Thanks, those are good websites...but I was looking for someone that has lived or visited some of these places. Right now going to look at/consider: 2818 Place, Aggie Station, District, Heights, Trails at Wolf Pen, Zone, Huntington. Any info on these places would be great.</p>

<p>See College Station apartment ratings:</p>

<p>College</a> Station Apartments for Rent - College Station Apartments Reviews and Ratings</p>

<p>Definitely avoid Zone.</p>

<p>Yeah im in the same boat idk where to stay almost all the places have horrible reviews</p>

<p>Ive never lived in an apartment here. because houses are so much better, buut i have lots of friends who have lived in all those places. and it really depends what your major factors are, I would say the nicest three on your list are 2818 place, aggie station, and the zone. the only problem with 2818 place is its not near many bus stops and a little bit farther from campus, and some of the apartments are two story so you might get stuck with an upstairs bedroom. aggie station is really nice, really close to campus and northgate, but the parking sucks and its quite expensive i believe. The zone is on luther which is where alot of people live and their are bus routes every five minutes or so and it is definately the nicest apartment complex on luther but a little more expensive then the heights or the district, which are nice to. My really good friends are living in the heights and its nice and so is the district, alot of theparties i went to this year were at those to complexs if thats a consideration. and i dont know anything about the trails or huntington. hope that helped.</p>

<p>Decided to live at Parkway Place, I know it is not on the bus route but it is brand new and the price was right with the incentives they are offering. Can also use the sister property 2818 place pool and such. The Parkway is suppose to have the biggest and greatest pool. After looking at a lot, and I mean alot of places, this place seemed to be the best deal........clean and new, done deal.</p>

aggie station is really nice, really close to campus and northgate, but the parking sucks and its quite expensive i believe.


<p>For a fully furnished apartment here, ~$500/month is not "quite expensive". And the parking at Aggie Station is alot better than at most places. For example, I used to live at Reveille Ranch (right down the road from Aggie Station) and they have random spots of groups of 5 parking spots for visitors... that are always full. Aggie Station has clusters of like 10-15 spots and are nearly never full. </p>

<p>Both places are alright to live at. Maybe check out Z-Islander (ironically inbetween Aggie Station and Reveille Ranch). They are brand new, in fact they are still building it. Looks pretty sweet, it's not used, fully furnished, and reasonably priced in comparison to competing apartments that offer similar amenities.</p>

<p>navysafe posted on4/39 and said their apartment was not on the bus route. I would like to say, to anybody reading this and who has not been to College Station, that the shuttle bus system is pretty darn convenient. Even if you have a car, these buses are running all the time to and from campus all over town so you might as well get an apartment that has bus stops, since the majority do.</p>