Apartment in Oakland Community

<p>My daughter received an e-mail from CMU. Apparently, CMU bought an apartment building and they are renovating it. The building is located in the Oakland Community. They have room for 90 students (3 per apartment with a private bath). My daughter is a a 17 years old freshman. Please tell me pros and cons.</p>


<p>Nice living place, probably.
Apartments have a more "in the city" feel.
Private bath.
Allows for exposure to students of other universities who may live in adjoining complexes.
Less crowded living conditions. More freedom - the RAs tend to be more lax.</p>

Far as hell away from CMU. (10-15 minutes depending on where it is, more in the winter.)
Not as safe as main campus, as campus police doesn't patrol there.
Not as close to campus food.
Harder to make friends because you live a fair distance away from everyone else.</p>

<p>What about Boss House? Pros & cons please.</p>