Apartment near John Hopkins Bloomberg school of public health

Any recommendation for apartment near John Hopkins Bloomberg school of public health in Baltimore. Heard area is not very safe so looking for safe area/apartments if anyone know. Looking sometime in June/July time period.


Hi. I live in Baltimore. The area directly near Hopkins isn’t too safe but if you don’t mind a short commute, I can recommend some places. Nearby is Patterson Park and there are plenty of young people in that area. Brewers Hill, Canton, Fells Point are popular areas not too far away. If you want some suggestions outside of the city, let me know.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I will look for apartment in the area you mentioned.


If you have Facebook, I can see some rentals nearby Hopkins on FB Marketplace in Baltimore.

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Please see upcoming event March 28, good luck!

Hopkins has a shuttle bus from main campus to East Baltimore, so many students & faculty live near the main campus and take the shuttle.

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