<p>Typically how much do y'all pay per month (including utility, etc... except food)? I'm trying to look for somewhere $550-$650 (sharing a double/triple is fine with me; I'd prefer triple to save money). On top of that food will probably cost a lot too (anyone want to give me an estimate?). </p>

<p>So some of my wonders:
1. Is it possible to find a decent place for $550-$650? Sharing a bedroom, etc... won't matter much.
2. How many months do we typically pay for? Do you guys have to pay over summer/winter?
3. How much does food tend to cost per month (seems like we have a total of around 2,500 mealpoints... so I hope food won't cost around $2000 >_<!)?</p>

<p>Sorry for the lame thread, but I'm not sure if staying in the dorm is better or not. Currently living in a triple with around 1k loan per year. If I decide to move out, I'd get like $3-4k less. I simply just don't want to take more than 1k loan per year if I move out if you get what I'm trying to say.</p>

<p>Here you go - </p>

<li>Yes. I currently pay $500/month sharing a bedroom in an apartment reasonably close to campus.</li>
<li>Typically it's a 12-month lease, you can sublet it out during the summer (might have to eat $100 or so of the rent) but usually one just pays for winter.</li>
<li>I spend about $150/month on food with a mix of cooking and eating out (I'm a girl).</li>

<p>I lived in a triple too, and I feel that my quality of life and eating habits have improved in an apartment with a full size fridge, kitchen etc.</p>

<p>Hey OP, can I add a question to the ones you've already asked?
It's a really weird question, but here goes: How common is it to share a triple (which might work better in this situation, lol) with someone of the opposite sex? I'm a girl and, say, I share an apartment with one other girl and one guy.</p>

<p>Share a triple as in only one room fitting 3? Personally, I think that defeats one of the good things about living in an apartment, which is you get more space. Fitting three in a room can quickly get annoying due to lack of privacy and the fact that you may end up hating one of the roommates and being stuck with them for the rest of the year.
Regarding living with the other sex, it's fine as long as everyone is comfortable with the arrangements. I have a few friends living with their girlfriends plus another roommate (so 3 in a one bed with living room apartment). </p>

1) Depends on how many people you're living with and how you would define decent.
2) initial 12 month contract, upfront pay first maybe last month rent and deposit. So yes, you do end up paying summer/winter.
3) I'd say about 150 if you eat in all the time and buy minimal snacks to about 200+ if you go out a little more/stock up a lot of random food (adds up pretty quickly when you go out a lot unless you're going to fast food joints and buying cheap burgers).
I bought a small meal plan this semester so in terms of spending physical money, it's like <70/month if even that. And that includes going out to bars and stuff. XD</p>

<p>Batman17, not triple as in 3 people in a room, you're right. I meant as in 3 people sharing an apartment. The boy and girl thing doesn't get weird or anything? lol</p>

<p>^^ it shouldn't be weird if you guys know each other...are you talking about craigslist roomies? it shouldn't be weird unless you walk in on them doing it or something...you could always ask how they feel about threesomes if you feel left out...lol</p>

<p>1) $595/month (internet $20 month, utilities/water free) in the living room in 1BR, 3 blocks from campus; 1 female roommate lives in the bedroom
2) 12 months is typical..agree there
3) i tend to cook when there is less midterms (ie-beginning and very end of semester) and do a mix of both in the middle of the semester...I spend about $40/week, I'd guesstimate</p>

<p>basically, if youre not a freshie, move out of the dorms. they eat your money and theyre not even safer for all the dough you pay (recent happenings around unit 1)</p>

<p>1) $600/month on my share. I shared a room with another person and the third person had a room to himself so he paid $150 more. My place was 2BR and it was 2 blocks away from campus. I definitely had a good bargain because I visited too many places that was overpriced if it's kinda well-maintained or close to campus or the place is simply a dump if the rent price is bit low.</p>

<p>2) 12 months. If you feel like that 2~3 weeks of winter break is a waste as far as paying rent goes, you're not the only one. I had to deal with my housemates who refused to pay the June and July rent simply b/c they weren't living there for those months. Because it's their first time renting, it took a lot of convincing.</p>

<p>3) I bought mealpoints and it was worth it. The dining commons are not bad at all if you go there once in a while instead of every day. And you can go to GBC or Ramona's and use your mealpoint, not cash/credit card.</p>

<p>4) As far as living with opposite sex, I done it too and I thought it was no problem as long as your housemates have common sense. My parents were freaking out about this initially, but it went just fine. Please, most boys are rational beings too.</p>

<p>Something about two girls and '.' and 'syncing up' makes me think the guy will have a not very fun time every so often.</p>

<p>^ lol.</p>

<p>Anyway I pay $610 and share a fully equipped studio very close to campus. By that I mean we have a walk-in closet and separate kitchen, and it's bright and well maintained.</p>

<p>I didn't buy mealpoints, but then again I realised I saved a lot of money by moving out because by being simply too lazy to drag my ass to Trader Joe's or Safeway, I lost a little weight.</p>

<p>I pay around $650/month for everything. I live two blocks from campus in a decent complex. I wouldn't say its the cleanest, but the landlords try, its just some of the other residents aren't the best...I haven't bought mealpoints the two years I've lived in the apartment despite living across the street from Crossroads. </p>

<p>I live with 3 others in a 2 bedroom apt, so its pricey overall, but not when you split everything 4 ways. And I don't really spend money on food since I can go home and get groceries from my parents every weekend.</p>

<p>Thanks for the responses so far everyone! So is there a cap of how many residents can live per apt/complex? Seems like some people are tripling for one bed room O_O. Or sharing between 4 people for 2 BR.</p>

<p>The total rent for my apartment is 1995 a month. One girl has her own room and pays 845 and me and another girl shares a room and pay 575. From what I hear, rent for most 2 bedroom are between 1900 and 2300. It really just depends on how many people split it up, Utilities are around 18 a month, given we use the Heater ALL THE TIME, our place is so cold and damp... Its about 30 bucks electric (we get CARE/FERA discount of 10 bucks. DO CARE/FERA with PGE, they don't verify your income!) and then 25 internet with ATT. I bought the 650 point meal plan, which is 300 a semester. On top of that I spend maybe 50 bucks on food, given I'm a girl, I'm vegetarian, and I'm in a sorority and get 6 live-out meals a week. </p>

<p>In short, It'll be easy to find a place less than 600 in rent if you have other people to live with.</p>

<p>Ah I see. Still thinking about it since I don't want to start taking out more than 1k loan since this year seems ok so far. Anyone here 0 EFC?</p>