APCDs - worth the $50?

<p>I'm self-studying AP Euro this year and am considering taking Calc BC, even though I'm in a Calc AB class. I'm considering purchasing the APCDs - but at $50, I'm skeptical about whether they're worth the cost or not, especially considering that Collegeboard demands large fees for small things.</p>

<p>I'm the only student at my school ambitious enough to self-study APs, so asking for APCDs from classmates is not going to help. Thus, I need to purchase them - with my own money.</p>

<p>ANd what about purchasing old exams from the CB? COnsidering that you can get them free from apcentral.collegeboard.com, I seriously doubt that they're worth it. But those are only the free-response questions; what about the multiple choice questions? Any way to get them? </p>

<p>APs I'm self-studying: (no support from teachers)</p>

<p>AP Physics C
AP European History
AP Calculus AB (considering BC)
AP Psychology</p>

<p>And yes, I know I should get Barron's. But I'm also determined to get a 5, and I'm all on my own since my teachers aren't going to support me.</p>

<p>Also, I'm a sophomore so i'm not yet in International baccalaureate, which offers no support to sophomores. THus explains my massive self-study campaign.</p>

<p>YOU ARE CRAZY...I am self studying 2 AP classes and I am kinda stressed out.....I am self studying AP Physics C and AP Calculus BC...(taking AP english/AP chem with teachers,also) What textbooks do you have for these classes...?? I have Halliday/Resnick for Physics C and Thomas/Finney for AP Calculus BC
I dont think you need the APCD's</p>

<p>wow you're self-studying 4 APs, including BC AND physics C, in 10th grade???!!!!!!</p>

<p>good luck!</p>

<p>u = crazyyyyyyyyy</p>

<p>wow... as a sophomore?
wat r u going to take next year? the year after???</p>

<p>I'm a junior taking AP's: chem,BC,USH,stat,music theory
and self studying psy,physicsB (over summer i took honors physics),micro,macro econ (online courses).
BUT I only took AP euro last year (as soph) which I got lucky and got 4... i'm not really a history person. GL with all those classes, ESPecially w/o teachers' support.</p>

<p>I have Physics for Scientists and Engineers Tipler. I just took the cheapest offer off Amazon (was tired of these "INSTANT SHIPMENT PERFECT CONDITION" offers for Halliday's, many of them of whic ship something other than the textbook); Stanford epgY also uses Tipler so it must have some validity.</p>

<p>BTW, Psychology = easy.</p>

<p>But back to original question: anyone uses APCDs?</p>