APComputerSci Online?

<p>I'm curious...</p>

<p>What does the APComputerScience course comprise of? I've heard it's java, but I need more information before I can commit to taking it online next year.</p>

<p>Are there benefits to choosing APHumanGeography, APPsych, or APEcon over it?</p>

<p>Thanks, in advance!</p>

<p>APCS uses the Java language and a limited subset, known as the AP Java Subset. It's basically learning the basics of programming in java. It's introductory stuff and mostly an intro.</p>

<p>APHG, Psych, and Econ are all distinct AP exams. I don't think they have any relation to APCS. If you want to take one of the former, then take it. There are no "benefits" to taking one over the other.</p>