APES Late Test

<p>Did anyone else take it?</p>

<p>I thought it was a bit easier than the practice tests I took. I skipped 7 MC... as for the FRQs, I pwned some questions. Others... I had to BS... a LOT =)</p>

<p>The FRQs were so easy. I didn't know much about the really specific things (I'm sure you can gather what I'm talking about), but the parts that required no environmental science knowledge were nice =-).</p>

<p>The MC was a bit harder than the practice test I took... of course I got 100% on it, so that's not saying much. I answered all the questions, but I had no knowledge of that diagram on the 3rd(?) page.</p>

<p>Yeah, that diagram was annoying. Heh, I bs'ed the first free response question and it turns out I got it right! I feel pretty good right now...</p>

<p>There were a few specific questions on the multiple choice that I didn't know, since I only used Princeton Review, but that was about 4 of them, so I guessed on one and left three blank. Ah well, I think I got a 5...</p>

<p>That's funny... my class went on a field trip to that diagram (ha)... so I got that one. The FRQs were extremely BS-able... there was one specific one that I made up and got (kind of) wrong. I might get some credit for it. For another, I used info that I had learned from APUSH (for once, my teacher's random rants helped me!), but my example wasn't really recent, so they might not accept it... Oh well. I'm prrrrretty sure that I got a 4 or 5.</p>

<p>lol, most of that stuff could have been answered with a strong knowledge in chem and bio...like take the third set of "matching" (in the beginning of the test) - my knowledge of organic chem helped me out there. </p>

<p>Overall I think I got 6 or 7 wrong and left 3 blank, and the FR was insanely easy, so I'm looking at a 125 - 130, which hopefully is a 5 for the alternate testing...</p>

<p>I took it yesterday. I only skipped 1 or 2 MC questions and felt comfortable with it.. however, I have proven to not be a very good predictor of AP grades.
(Overestimate some and underestimate others..)</p>

<p>You guys think that the cut off for a 5 will be at about 95 like it is for normal testing or around 110+ (I'm just wondering).</p>

<p>Yeah, every year the people in APES at school go to one of those places... unfortunately, I self-studied.</p>

<p>piccolojunior, judging from your "Siemens Award" posts, you got a 5 either way</p>

<p>Yeah, my AP Bio, AP Chem, and AP Physics classes helped quite a bit... considering all I did was read through Miller's once.</p>

<p>yeah, i self studied too lol...</p>

<p>Well I was just wondering if the curve was set higher anyway in general for late testing.</p>

<p>I don't think the curve would be set higher, unless the late test is supposed to be easier than the regular one.. and from what I saw of the regular FRQ's, they were pretty easy..around the same as the ones on the late test.</p>

<p>Also that would be cruel to kids who deserve college credit in APES but don't get it due to an unfair curve. I think the curve is set before people take the test.</p>

<p>Yeah, I thought that the regular questions were easier. I'm not sure about the MCs, of course, but the curve should be about the same/THE same.</p>

<p>The 4th FRQ was SO easy.</p>

<p>Lol yeah what a joke, I didn't even use any knowledge from the books I used to answer that one lol.</p>

<p>Is the curve preset or is it set based on the scores of the test takers? I mean, I think I got a 5 either way, but it would be kind of unfair for late testers to be graded against each other, as many of them were people who couldn't take APES the same day as AP Chem, which would indicate that they're smarter than the average test takers...</p>

<p>well I am hoping that the CS AB curve is 68 and NOT 70 (for a 5) this year because if so I don't have to sweat as much for it....and I just read somewhere that the cut-offs change a maximum of 1 to 2 points per test, so it should be around an 89 to 93 for a 5 I guess...</p>

<p>Does anyone remember what the 3rd FRQ was? I can't seem to recall what the subject was...</p>

<p>(we can discuss it now, right? 48 hours?)</p>

<p>It was the one with the fuel consumption right? Ehhh I'm not sure, all I know is I got at least 30/40 points...</p>

<p>Nope, we can never discuss it; it's a late exam. Multiple choice for any exam and free response for late exams can never be discussed. Oh, and we never get our free response booklets back either, unlike everyone else.</p>

<p>^^true, i never understood why though.</p>

<p>Oh- I never knew that. Sorrrryyyy.</p>