Apologies to brokenchild

<p>I really didn't think then, that it could be someone else as well, who could post that link under your CC name.</p>

<p>After realising that it was all a big prank played on you, I have been sinking in my own pool of remorse. I have been repenting over and over again.</p>

<p>I wrote all those things in a fit of petulence, so there isn't even an iota of truth in those thoughts. Anger makes human a beast and I had been one the day before yesterday.</p>

<p>I am very very sorry to you and to all other CC member, whom I have upsetted because of my actions.</p>

<p>To post such a message was indeed unnecessary once the offensive thread had been removed. I am very sorry for this unnecessary action and I PROMISE that this will never be repeated.</p>

<p>I can trully empathize your situation as I also know how it feels to be betrayed by friends whom you considered the closests. And I think they weren't worthy to be called friends.</p>

<p>I ask you once again to forgive me and pray that we can put these happenings of yesterday behind us and progress towards a friendly tomorrow.</p>

<p>I should have thought before I leaped. I am sorry I hurt you!:'(</p>



<p>Don't let it get to you. I'm sure all of us have acted without thinking things through completely, it's human instinct. </p>

<p>Tried to reply to your private messages, but it wouldn't let me. But know that I have no hard feelings towards you. All is forgotten.</p>