App In Way Too Early?

<p>if a college's early decision deadline is in early-mid november and i am applying regular decision (between jan 3 and feb 1), is it ok to send my app in now? i just want to get it over with, but i dont want them to lose anything</p>

<p>my son just did the RD schools at the same time as the EA schools. It didn't make any sense to ask for recs, transcripts, scores etc in 2 batches. It's not like the EA schools will send out letters early enough that he can wait until then to decide whether or not to send in the RD apps. I'm sure lots of people do them all at the same time, which makes the RD apps really early. If colleges are going to lose stuff, they will lose stuff, regardless of when you send stuff in. At least by sending it all in early you have plenty of time to try to fix it if they lose something.</p>

<p>One of my S's schools had a place on the envelope to indicate ED, EA or RD. So if you are sending things snail mail, you could write on the envelope corner that you are applying Regular Decision. But I agree with Texas - they get lots of mail from GCs, recommenders, etc. and all have systems to deal with it. Good luck!</p>

<p>Just reread your post which notes RD as between Jan. 3-Feb. 1. Do they specify that they don't want RD apps before Jan. 3? Sounds unusual as most schools like to get apps before the deadline rather than at the deadline.... but if you are in doubt or need peace of mind, you can always call and ask.</p>

<p>oh well what i meant was that i am applying to various schools whose deadlines range between those dates</p>

<p>Unless the college prohibits apps now (and I am unaware of any in the US that do) there should be no problem sending early. Apps should be dealt with like voting in Chicago -- early and often.</p>