App question

Ok…now that I have submitted most of my applications I am starting to freak out. For one app there was a section to type in your EC’s. I made a list and wrote how long I have been involved in each EC (like “violin - 10 years”). So was that not right? Should I have indicated the years I was involved in those EC’s instead of putting down for how many years I have done those?

<p>I am not sure I follow your question, but here's an attempt to answer it. Are you asking if you should have named the specific high school years (freshman, sophomore, etc.) you participated?</p>

<p>With respect to the violin, which has apparently been a long-term commitment, I think you are OK having said "10 years." You could have been more specific, such as saying "since age 8 through the present" but I think the colleges will assume that you are referrring to the most recent 10 years -- especially if you are involved in instrumental groups at your school.</p>

<p>Some students chose to submit supplemental activities listings so that they can give a full description of their involvements.If you wish, you could always submit such a supplement to your application at this point.</p>

<p>In any event, I don't think you need to stress out about this now. You gave an honest report and if any college has questions about the timing of your involvement in your activities, it can contact you or your guidance counselor.
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<p>Thank you soooo much for your long answer jyber209. You got it right, I put down my EC's and ONLY wrote down how many years I have been involved in them (as the example: violin - 10 years). I thought it was the right way to do that, I didn't even think of putting down the years, such as 1994-2004. But the addmission officers will know what I meant. American college applications are really new to me, since I am an international applicant. But thank you again for your help!!</p>

<p>I'm glad that helped. Again, best wishes to you!</p>