app question

<p>D is finishing up her University of Denver app and she is unsure what goes where in the EC department. They have two sections. One is List any academic and ec(athletic, organizational or community service) honors or awards you have received.
The other is List your work related extracurricular, community and recreational activities in order of importance to you.
what she is confused about is the term work related extracurricular. I am assuming that you put all ec's and any work experience in this section and list the ec's where she has held office or won an award in the first section.</p>


<p>I don't know the answer to your question but I was wondering how your daughter and her friend are doing?</p>

<p>Momofonly-they are in a bit of a holding period while the Drs decide what the best course of action is. He has a appt with a specialist in LA next week. The Dr's here feel it is not cancer based on the edges of the tumor. But even without cancer they are predicting a two year recovery period. He seems to be in good spirits and thinking about what path his future will now take. The dream of a professional sports career seem unlikely at this point.<br>
She is worried about him. And she has never been one to adjust to change or have an easy time with decision making so she is stressed. She alternates in the college selection process from gung ho one day to total denial the next.
She has the Oregon app in. The school never sent the transcript so the app is just sitting I had to go in today and pick up a sealed copy and mail it myself.
She will apply EA to Denver and that is slowly coming along.<br>
They both should have positive outcomes so no matter what she will have a college to go to next year.
I don't know what others she will end up applying to.
Ironically both apps so far are schools she has not visited.</p>


<p>Sounds like the right idea to me.</p>


<p>By the way, after reading your post again I think you're right in your assumption. That's great that it might not be cancer...he sounds like he's adjusting fairly well to the changes in his life. It really sounds like this is an emotional time for your daughter. I think you'll both feel better once she gets accepted somewhere. The college process is truly a challenging experience for both parents and children. By the way, we have not visited ANY of the 8 colleges my daughter has applied to. We kind of took a different approach and will not be visiting until all the acceptances ( least a few??) are in. I bought videos from Collegiate Choice. All I know is that there is a wide spectrum of colleges within the list so that when the time comes, there will hopefully be choices. I had a suggestion for you in that maybe your daughter could look at the Common App and see which colleges she might be interested in that accept it...I think 3 of the colleges my daughter applied to accepted the common application which makes it easier. </p>

<p>I understand about the fluctuating mood swings when it comes to the app daughter alternates between mostly not interested to last week saying "I think I'm getting interested now because it sounds like college is just one big party after another!" Ughhh..................and this is why you're going to college???</p>