App State Honors College

Just curious if anyone has heard back from the Honors College yet. I feel like it’s been an excruciatingly long time lol

Not a peep here - mymountaineer still says HC/Watauga applications are still pending… last year they started rolling out notices around this time and over the next week or two so fingers crossed…

Nothing here yet either.

well it’s the 10th and last year at least it seems like HC and Wautauga invitations were all done by around the 15th so hopefully we’ll know something this week…

Bro the suspense is killing me. I want to get into WRC so bad.

Well… supposedly on another thread HC and WRC said mid February … as is often the case it seems that will be interpreted to its last day…

Anyway good luck to everyone. I suspect for my son HC may not be in the cards as it is so small but WRC is equally appealing. It seems compared to prior years not a lot of people who applied are active on CC.

DD got in to HC! She received an email about an hour ago.

Congratulations - my son was also invited! I admit we were not really expecting it … what a pleasant friday surprise.

@HesNot congrats to your son!

D20 got her honors college email today too!

still no word for me so i’m just assuming that this means i was rejected. brb gonna go cry real quick as this was literally my first choice program