app status and checking

<p>to the other EA'ers,
what parts of your application have showed up under
"Upload Materials</p>

<p>We have received the following documents from you:"</p>

<p>Only "teacher recommendation" is listed for me... no sats, ssr, transcript, etc</p>

<p>Under "Recent activities," it says that they have received my application. </p>

<p>So what does this mean? Does this mean they have only processed my teacher recommendation so far and not my payment, sats, ssr, transcript, etc? Should I be worried? I sent some of the things in mid october. It says that I should send any missing materials in by next Friday. Should I immediately resend everything or should I wait a bit more? </p>

<p>For the EA'ers out there, what does your UChicago account say for received documents and recent activities?</p>

<p>hold on where do you even check this? I haven't gotten any emails from them.</p>

<p>I got an email on october 31st to set up an account. They provide you with a PIN, an account name, etc. Has anyone else not even received a link to set up their account?</p>

<p>air - my son has everything as listed as received.</p>

<p>^ what specific materials does he have? (so I can see what exactly I am missing)
i feel that to list what were missing instead of what were received :/</p>

<p>alright i see an actual checklist now! I think what happened was that I viewed my account right after they posted where materials should be sent but before they set up the checklist!
problem solved haha :p
thanks everyone!</p>