Appalachian EA 2025

Stats and Demographics:

Accepted In-State (Orange County, attending school in Durham County-- early college at community college)
All honors + 1 AP (5) + all college classes junior/senior year except for one grad requirement honors
4.0 UW GPA
4.66 W GPA
34 ACT (36E 30M 36R 33S)
1/100 rank
Undeclared major

Common App Essay: lukewarm about
Supplemental essay: better, went into detail
Recs: pretty good from what I can tell

ECs: 2 leadership positions (1 HS 1 community college-- volunteer and activist groups respectively), Accepted to NC Gov School 2020 for French, recreational cello, literary magazine editor in 9th and 10th, part of selective community youth network in 12th, one optional college honors research project in 11th pre-COVID

Congrats to all! I’ll leave this here so people can compare it with the future honors and scholarship verdict.

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My daughter was accepted OOS in Chemistry. 1440 SAT, 3.95 UW GPA class rank 18/350. All honors, AP or dual enrollment classes. She did not receive the Appalachian Excellence Scholarship. Hopefully she can get an honors acceptance.

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D21 is OOS, large competitive high school
Weighted GPA 3.85 (school only reports weighted)
School doesn’t rank; class size about 450
1320 SAT
4 AP’s (2 in progress, 2 5’s on last year’s tests)
8 or so honors
ECs included competition cheer with national wins; club president, PT jobs.

Congrats all!

I was accepted in-state (wake county) and offered an excellence scholarship.
W GPA: 4.23
UW GPA: 3.77
Applied Test-Optional
Did not send in recs
ECs: leadership positions in a couple of clubs, theatre, governors page, and girl scout of 11 years
Essays: I’m super proud of my common app essay but not of the supplemental
Will end high school with 9 APs and mostly all honors


accepted in state yesterday for political science!


Accepted - In State - offered Appalachian Excellence Scholarship
W GPA 4.3
143O SAT
32 ACT



My daughter was accepted in-state and received the Appalachian Excellence award
4.21 GPA
1340 SAT
29 ACT
8 AP’s - the rest honors
4 year varsity sport, works part time during school year, many volunteer hours (until Covid)
National Honor Society, Math Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society (Treasurer), Social Studies Honor Society

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D21 received her Watagua acceptance today! Nothing from honors yet. Congrats and good luck to all waiting!

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Does anyone know when we will be notified if we are a finalist for a scholarship (besides the Excellence Scholarship)?

Their website just says by January 31 with notification by February 15.

Right - I saw that. I know it’s by Jan 31st, just wondering if anyone knew what date those invitations usually come out.

Son was accepted yesterday (OoS - NJ) for Theater Design & Technology.

3.3GPA, 25 ACT.


I received an Appalachian Excellence Scholarship on December 10 and yesterday I found out I am a finalist for the Chancellor’s! I interview January 30th. Any other Chancellor’s finalists here?

I applied for the Signature Scholarships at App but my portal still says “Your application is complete and awaiting review by our scholarship review committees.” Is this a no for Chancellor’s for me or do they notify finalists gradually?

My Scholarships portal also says the same thing, but the Fall 2021 portal shows that I have been selected to interview on the 30th for the Chancellor’s. I had to schedule a Zoom time yesterday for my interview through my portal. I know they haven’t released Honors College decisions yet.

Guess that’s a no for me then since my portal didn’t change. Congrats, fruitsalad!

I don’t see anything there. I guess it’s a no for me :frowning:

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Wait so if my scholarship portal didn’t update that means I did not qualify? Do they not notify you if you don’t get it?

I’d imagine they should, my guess is that they’d just notify all the people that didn’t move on all at once on January 31st or so and the ones that did move on have already been notified? I know nothing for sure though, I’m really just speculating.

Did you get an email about it, fruitsalad (in terms of scheduling a Zoom interview)? Congrats! I guess it’s a no for me too :frowning: