Appalachian EA 2025

As I have done for other schools, starting a thread!

Good luck to anyone also applying for honors/scholarships!

My daughter has applied EA with no decision yet. Anyone know when they tend to start sending decisions?

@brown2mj Unfortunately your daughter and I won’t get any decisions for a while. They don’t release them until late January.

based on past threads they start sending them around the middle of December going into January.

Decisions are out! Accepted in-state

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Did you receive an email or just check the portal? Congrats!

@ therents522 I just checked the portal. No email came

DD accepted according to Portal but she’s only watching the mailbox.

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Accepted OOS :slight_smile:

My daughter just received her acceptance letter in the portal. She is OOS. Congrats on all the acceptances!

D also accepted OOS! A nice early update!

Accepted instate with Appalachian Excellence Scholarship, I will wait to put stats etc until a decision is made on the much more selective honors and scholarships!

Surprised mine came out so early but not complaining!

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@isla701 was merit in the acceptance letter?

@NJWrestlingmom Scroll down in the portal past the COVID-19 updates and virtual experiences. The more competitive merit (Chancellor’s, stuff with honors college, etc) has not been decided on yet, but Appalachian Excellence should be there (at least it was for me) if you got it.

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Thanks! No merit for her, but I wasn’t really expecting it as OOS. Congrats to you! Hopefully we’ll have better luck with Honors and/or Watagua.

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Thanks for your comment! We hadn’t scrolled far enough. My daughter was awarded the Appalachian Excellence Scholarship as well.

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DO you mind sharing stats?

Accepted In-state!

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My DD was accepted OOS (NJ).

GPA 3.9 UW
1210 SAT

My daughter applied OOS, test optional with a 4.2 GPA OOS.