Appalachian State 2020 Admissions

My dd applied for fall 2020 on 10/23/19, can’t wait to get a decision. App is her number 1 choice.

My application was completed on November 1st, I applied for the signature scholarships as well. Super nervous! Here is my info for anyone who wants to compare:

Class Rank: 13/45
WGPA: 3.8
ACT: 30
Extracurriculars: Way more than average
School Sports: None
Race: African American
Work: Current year round full time job

My gpa isnt great (I struggled with depression for a few years in high school) but hopefully my essays, recommendation letters, AP scores, and ACT score will make up for it. I was looking around in forums here and it seems like the people that applied in 2016 were notified of admission decisions early, in the first half of December. ASU is my first choice, so it would be great to be notified sooner rather than later. Go 'Neers!

My son also applied for Fall 2020, and App is his first choice. Other acceptances are rolling in but I guess he will have to wait until Jan for App. He did get asked to apply to the Honors College which I took as a good sign, but I don’t know if that means anything.

…tick tock …

NCSU is my son’s #1 choice, but I’d put his admission chances at 40%-60%. After that he’s torn between AppState and UNC-C. Those are the best guaranteed financial fit “wants” – aside from NCSU.

It was nice to get ECU and UNCG in the bag, but ASU and UNCC are the ones where the wait is driving us crazy.

So I have been looking at Instagram posts and other websites and I saw that some people who applied early action got there decision sometime in December. Does anyone know when the decisions could come out?

When I looked back at old posts from last year it looks like it could be towards the end of December. My daughter is waiting decisions from App, UNCC, UNCW and Queens University. App is her first choice. She has been accepted to ECU, Wingate and Western.

@Econpop we did hear from UNC-C last week, they must do rolling

That is great news for you ITBgirl!! Congratulations!

Hopefully, we’ll hear something soon. After receiving four responses in mid November, son is getting antsy.

Hi! I, too, applied for early decision! App’s at the very top of the list for me as well :smiley: I applied in early-ish september, and from research i’ve done, it seems like mid-december is when you should begin expecting a letter in the mail! best of luck

DS applied EA and he just got an update on his portal(Accepted!!) so it seems like they are rolling out decisions as I type this. Good Luck everyone

My daughter just received her updated and she’s (Accepted) as well! Great news good luck to all

Son just got his Acceptance and Scholarship offer!! ??

just received my acceptance through the MyMountaineer portal!!! Everyone check your portals! Can’t wait to see a lot of you next fall. Roll Neers!!!