Appalachian State Class of 2024 EA Admits' Stats

I was just wondering about the stats of the EA applicants to App State…

In-State or OOS:
Class Rank:
Optional essays? (Yes or No)
ACT/SAT Score:
Rec Letters?

My daughter’s info: She received her acceptance last Thursday.

In-State or OOS: Instate
GPA (W/UW): 3.97 Weighted
Class Rank: 44 out of 224
APs: AP Psych, all honors classes
Extracurriculars: Varsity Softball, Varsity Tennis, Varsity Swim, HOSA & Unified Champions
Optional essays? (Yes or No) Essays that were required
ACT/SAT Score: SAT-1090 Super scored (terrible test taker)
Rec Letters? None

My daughter (accepted last week)

In state
GPA: 4.33/3.88
Rank: 10 out of just under 200
APs: multiple dual enrollment courses, all honors classes
ECs: Varsity Soccer, Varsity Cheer, church volunteer, employment throughout high school
Essays: those that were required for admission and scholarships
ACT: 21 (terrible test taker)
Rec Letter: yes, for scholarships - not sure if those are viewed for general application?

My son was accepted last week

GPA (W/UW): 4.1/3.5
Class Rank:
APs: 5 APs, all others Honors
Extracurriculars: Varsity Swim, Honors Jazz Band and Wind Ensemble, Eagle Scout, PT work, and FT summer job
Optional essays? (Yes or No) Yes
ACT/SAT Score: 27
Rec Letters- yes

I was accepted on December 12th -

3.815/3.2 GPA
Class Rank: 13/45
APs: Bio, Lang, US History, Gov, Calc AB, taking Lit and Environmental now
Extracurriculars: Secretary of a county party’s caucus, a volunteer at a youth council group, co-founded a community garden, member of national honor society
Optional essays? Yes
ACT/SAT Score: 30/1240
Rec Letters: Two from teachers and one from my supervisor at work


GPA (W/UW): 4.02/3.65
Class Rank:
APs: Seminar (3), Research, US History (5), Comparative Govt (4), Language and Composition (5), US Government, Statistics
Extracurriculars: Marching Band 4 years; Symphonic Band; Acolyte team leader; Fencing
Optional essays? (Yes or No) Yes
ACT/SAT Score: 33/1400
Rec Letters- yes

Son Accepted

In State
GPA: W 4:33, UW 3:88
Class rank Top 25%
APs: 10 Dual Enroll, others mainly Honors
ECs: Therapy Dog handler, Spanish Tutor, Archery, Mens Choir, Spanish Nat Honor Soc
Rec Letters: yes

@H20resqdogs congrats to your son!

In-State or OOS: In-State (Charlotte, NC)
GPA (W/UW): 4.63/4.0
Class Rank: 1/95
APs: 3
Extracurriculars: Over 100 hours
Optional essays? (Yes or No) Yes
ACT/SAT Score: 1200
Rec Letters? Yes


In-State or OOS: In-state
GPA (W/UW): 3.8/?
Class Rank: 215/585
APs: 10 APs + 7 IBs + 2 Dual enrollment math classes @ NCSU
Extracurriculars: French club, Yoga club, Dance club, Tech theatre, Foreign language exchange, some other ones but I forgot what I listed
Optional essays? Yes
ACT/SAT Score: 35/1540
Rec Letters? Yes

Congrats @whatanoof was this for early application or new application? Just wondering as we have a friend who was deferred and wondering if the new application decisions are coming out this quickly.

@ljasnau This was for early application. Their honors college is my first choice program so I had to apply early. Best of luck to your friend!

I heard a rumor that you have to take 7 courses senior year of high school in order to be accepted at App St. Is this true? Did anyone that was accepted at App St have early release senior year?

I’ve never heard that as a requirement for admission but it seems that you would unless you are in school part time. I think the schools just don’t want to see seniors slack off during their final year. I’m instate so things may be different in other states.

My son got in NCSU Friday, which seems to be most of his friends dream school but he is still committed to App, he says when you know you know.

So looks like our spring break trip to App State is off due to the virus. If anyone checks back here, would love to hear your thoughts on App State for an OOS kid. D21 looking for fun sports scene (watching, not participating!). Wants something on the bigger side with a college town atmosphere - able to walk to shops, food, etc… On paper App seems to fit. It’s a hike for us, so she would be there for weekends so want to make sure it doesn’t empty out. I’m guessing just based on size it wouldn’t. Not into Greek Life. Any comments welcome!

@NJWrestlingmom We went for our second visit right before all this hit. App is very walkable and sit right on top of the quaint downtown area. It is a very outdoorsy school with tons of activities. It does not seem to empty out on the weekend. We are three hours away and do not plan to let our son take his car the first year, so I made it clear to him that he will be up there on the weekends. Granted Boone is small and the outlying area is rural but it is an amazing setting. Have you looked at any of the parents groups on FB? They can give some good insight.

Thank you @itbgirl! I will look on Facebook too! We are in a very rural part of NJ (yes, they do exist)! Way more horses than people by us, so I don’t think she’d mind the rural area, as long as there’s some stuff nearby.

We did. D20 was accepted to Nursing and Honors college and is doing early release and only taking 4 classes this year. 3 AP - Stat, Gov and Macro and then also a Medical Terminology class.

I only took 6 classes and three of them were semester-long classes. Almost all of them were AP classes though and my school only has six classes per year.