Appalachian State Early Action Class of 2023

I was wondering if anyone has gotten an Acceptance yet from Appalachian State? I checked and last year people heard on December 14th.

I also applied early action to Appalachian State and the website says we won’t receive decisions until January 25th. Who told you December 14th?

For the last few years the decisions have actually come out between December 14-21. On the website it just means the decisions will come out by January 25.

Portals are open!

My daughter got her ‘yes’ decision today! Early Christmas present!

Yay! My daughter got her YES today too!

Can I ask your daughters stats?

My daughter got her yes last week!

Happy New Year everyone!!

Looking forward to the second round of decisions in the new year. I looked at last year’s posts and they were posted around the 18th. You can search for last year’s posts by pasting this in the search bar “Appalachian State University Early Action 2022”.

Portals are open! #AppSaidYes

Same here, portal indicated decision could be viewed and it was a yes.

Does anyone know how their scholarship invites work?

Scholars Day invites arrived today for the majority of those who were offered attendance. You’ll have to RSVP through MyMountaineer to ensure you get an interview time. At check-in, you’ll find out when your interview time slot is. Interviews will be scattered throughout the day and parents will have the opportunity to attend sessions and tour campus while their child(ren) are being interviewed.

Got into Watauga Residential College today!

Can I ask how Watauga notifications are sent? Email, portal or snail mail?

I think email?? My daughter got her Honors College acceptance email just this afternoon so I assume Watauga would do the same, but she didn’t apply for Watauga so not completely sure.

My daughter got wait listed for honors. We were surprised because she was accepted into U. S. Carolina’s honors college first round. ACT 34, 4.4 weighted 4.0 unweighted. I guess the honers college is much smaller at App so more competition.

D just heard today that she was accepted into Watauga! Just thought I would post for anyone still waiting.
Seems like notifications are rolling instead of all at once.

My son has auditioned for the Hayes School of Music. Is anyone out there in the same boat?