Appalachian State University Acceptances for 2019-20

Hey guys! Just starting this forum to be able to know when others are getting their acceptances into ASU, the honors college and Watawga! Please post in this discussion about your stats, when you get accepted and any other valuable information!

@cshore22 I thought decisions would be out by now :frowning:

Did you hear back yet?

Not yet… maybe because of the snow and closings last week.

My portal changed today. No longer says under review. Anyone else?

My daughter’s portal changed today too! It must be a good sign that decisions are imminent! ??

Just went back to old status. Was strange because I had a student ID number and username and now its back to how it was originally. Guess we just have to wait and see

Yes, I noticed the same…?

Anyone heard anything yet?

Yep! Just looked st my portal and I got in!

Congratulations! My daughter got in too!

Congrats! Good luck to all!


Has anyone heard anything today?


Nothing. Looks like based on last years forum there was an early round notification in December and another in mid-
January. Acceptances in mid-January also, so trying not to panic that D hasn’t heard anything yet.

Just so everyone knows, because I like to know this, my portal changed around 1:00 pm yesterday and then went back to normal about an hour later. I checked again at 3:30 and it said a decision had been made and to click a link to view decision. I saw this morning that I received an email to check my portal at 2:30 am this morning. Good luck to everyone. I applied very early and my major is environmental science. Here are my stats
1220 SAT
4.0 UW GPA 14th out of 177
11 honor and 4 AP classes
Captain of field hockey, swim and lacrosse team for 2 years with some regional and state awards.
NHS President and a bunch of volunteer activities
Accepted for animal science major at Penn State, Rutgers, Auburn, u of Alabama, and UNE. marine science at coastal and UNCW, and engineering and environmental
Science at Rutgers. Deferred to U of georgia and anxiously awaiting my top choice NC State. Good luck to everyone!

Thanks for the details Pumpkinlily! Good luck on NC State!! We live in RDU area and it is a great school!!

My son received an email on the 20th indicating some early decisions had been released but the rest were still under review and would be coming by Jan 25th.

Happy New Year everyone!!

Looking forward to the second round of decisions in the new year. I looked at last year’s posts and they were posted around the 18th. You can search for last year’s posts by pasting this in the search bar “Appalachian State University Early Action 2022”.

Portals are open! #AppSaidYes