Appalachian State University Admitted Students Day

Has anyone attended these events? My daughter is signed up to go on 1/31/20 and I am just wondering if they offer more information than they do on regular college visit days? We went to open house this fall. Is it work a day off of school to attend?

Did she get invited to an event or did you just sign up for one? We signed up for one 2/17 since son has two days off from school and I wanted him to visit campus in the Winter. I am not sure how different it will be from our Open house Visit in the fall, except for the weather. And my husband is coming to this one, since this is now son’s #1 choice.

@ITBgirl I just signed her up. We also went to the open house in the fall and my husband did not attend. He is coming to this one. She also goes to ECU in March. She is still undecided.

@ljasnau let me know how your visit goes. We are scheduled for 2 pm and I am wondering if there is something else we should do on campus that day.

@ITBgirl we had our tour today. It was good. They did about a 30 minute talk about next steps, orientation, etc. Then split us up into 2 groups it was a pretty big group today. We then went and toured a dorm then went into several other places, library, student union, dining hall, gym, etc. It was much more in depth as far as going into the buildings. I felt like at the open house they just talked about the places without taking us in. It did start snowing as soon as we arrived and snowed the entire time. Thankfully it didn’t stick to the roads. We had lunch after the tour at a place called Cardinal which is a burger place not far from campus it was pretty good. We dressed appropriately which was good! I didn’t get cold but I wore leggings under jeans, a long sleeve t-shirt with a hoodie and a jacket. Wearing a hat did the trick with keeping me warm. Enjoy your time in Boone when you go. It’s beautiful.

@ljasnau thanks for the report, I am glad it was a good tour.  Cool you got snow! Did it move up on your daughter’s list?

We going in two weeks.  We have a house for the weekend so I am looking forward to going back.  We have a tour of the business school then the accepted student day tour at 2.  I hope it is cold so that my son can get the winter feel.  I also plan to make him drive, not just sleep on the way up - I need for him to realize how far he will be from home (3.5 hours)

@ITBgirl she is 99% sure she will go to App…but she still wants to do accepted students day at ECU in March. We are 1 hour 40 min from App and 3 hours from ECU. We live just outside of Winston-Salem. It was cold but we dressed appropriately so it really wasn’t to bad. Fun that you guys can stay overnight, we will do that when we go to ECU. Enjoy and have fun.

@ITBgirl let me know how your day was. Has this concluded your son’s decision to go to App?

@ljasnau we had a very nice visit today and a great long weekend here in the mountains. He had a private tour of the business school in the morning with a current student that was very informative and then we did the admitted student tour at 2pm. I think this is where he wants to be, we were all three pleased with what we saw today and the people we met. Many of the students touring were from Wake Co., since we had the holiday today. The only down side was that the weather was beautiful! I planned this Feb trip for him to see some brutal cold weather but what can you do! Heading back home Tuesday.

@ITBgirl glad to hear you guys had a nice day. I believe it’s been pretty mild in Boone this winter. Hope he’s able to make a sound decision soon. Is there anywhere else he is interested?

He hasn’t heard yet from State, but I don’t think he will stay in Raleigh even if he gets in there. But thats where many of his freinds are going or want to go. He mentioned maybe going to look at ECU one more time, they offered him some scholarship money and he has friend’s going there but I think he is going to App.

Did your daughter look at Wilmington? I still like it for my son but he didn’t like the campus, granted we looked over 2 years ago in the summer but I can’t talk him into looking at it again. They have a good nursing program too.

@ITBgirl yes my daughter looked at UNCW but was deferred. She was interested at first but lost interest and it didn’t even phase her when she was deferred. She is leaning more towards ECU because of the nursing program. App takes 45 students per semester and ECU takes about 125 I believe. App you have to go down the mountain for clinicals. There are a lot of kids from her school going to App. She only knows of a few that are going to ECU. She doesn’t seem interested in UNCC at all. Probably to close to home:) It’s a big waiting game, but we are going back to ECU in March for admitted students day.

@ITBgirl Hi! So my daughter decided against both App and ECU…can you believe it? She’s going to UNCW. She is committed, deposit is paid as well as housing deposit. Wishing your son the best of luck at App this fall and hope you all are keeping well.

@ljasnau that is great news, I am glad she was able to decide, she had some great choices. And there is something to be said for getting away from home, that is part of the appeal of App for my son. I go to Wilmington twice a month to see friends, so that was “too close” for him! Fingers crossed they can all start on time this fall!