Appalachian State University

hello, does anyone have any negatives about app state? Anything they really enjoy or enjoyed about it?


Not a student, but App State is a very popular choice where I live, and the kids seem to really like it. Boone is an awesome mountain college town. There’s a pretty strong earthy, crunchy vibe in town and on campus but it’s also big enough I think you can find pretty much any social scene you want, including Greek life. And the football program and sports culture is growing.

I know less about the academics and any particular strong suits (or weaknesses); however, I’ve heard good things about their environmental science programs.

I think it’s an up and coming university that should get more attention from OOS students. Most folks I know would rank it from a reputation standpoint as the 3rd strongest public university in the state (out of 16!), behind UNC and NC State. And, frankly, a lot of kids in our area choose it over NC State b/c they like the location and atmosphere better – unless they’re doing engineering which is top notch at State.

Good luck!

Probably the biggest negative (in the eyes of some, at least) is the location; Boone does not offer as many options for off-campus activities as many places. But a visit to the campus and town should inform you whether it is (or could be) a place for you to spend 4 years of college.


Hello! I’m a current student at Appalachian State and I can give you some insight from a new student prospective. I’ve lived here on campus for going on four months now and I’ve yet to come across a single day where I haven’t had something to do. Whether it’s on campus or off, Boone does an amazing job at keeping activities going and making sure that we always have something to look forward to. Besides that, the opportunities to do things in the town, like hiking, are endless and you’ll never run out of them. I’ve fallen in love with this school and the area, so I’m a little biased here, but I think that what everyone says about how “boring” Boone can be is incorrect. The only downsides are the steepness of the campus if you’re not used to hilly terrain- a lot of us had a hard time adjusting to it, LOL.

@geologystudent22 How focused on Greek life is the social aspect? Do people feel pushed to join or is it more no will care if you’re in it or not?

@equestrian123 as a community we don’t focus a ton on Greek life! We have some really amazing sororities and frats (along with the not so good) and they do really great things on campus, so we’re very accepting of them, but if you’re not interested in doing it, there’s no pressure and you don’t feel like you’re missing out on anything. I didn’t rush, but a lot of my friends did, and they’re still involved outside of their sororities as well as allowing us to be involved in (some) activities through greek life. Overall, no one will make you feel bad for not joining, but they’re very encouraging and accepting which isn’t something I felt on other campuses!

@geologystudent22 thank you so much! I really like App State.

Does anyone know if you can freshman pick their roommate?

I believe you’re able to request your roommate, so long as both parties request each other.

How much does the campus empty out on the weekends (ie, is it a suitcase school)?

@Schadret I would not say it is a suitcase school. There is so much to do in the area that I find most students stay around.

Does anyone know when we will receive information regarding financial aid?

I was accepted for Spring admission with my early application, I sent in updated test scores and transcript and just got the email that I am in for Fall!!!