Appalachian State

Has anyone on here who didn’t receive a decision in December get one yet? Still waiting.

Nope. Still anxiously waiting.

Same here.

Got home today to an email that said to disregard the letter I will be getting asking me to complete my application. That letter was sent by mistake since my application is complete. They apologized. Now I am thinking that must mean they should have mailed me a rejection letter UGH! I am dying, worrying about this.

Just received my decision! Accepted!

Portals are open! #AppSaidYes

Son was accepted for Spring semester. Waitlisted for the Fall semester. Still waiting on Clemson and USC to come back. OOS here.

Same here! Congratulations! I’m accepted at ECU UNCG and UNCA. AP is my first choice so I just have to hope enough people that were accepted already go somewhere else. I also need to find out if I need to take courses somewhere else for the Fall semester. I will say this when they talk about being “holistic” when it’s true My GPA was low but my community service, references and test scores were good. No more worries now.

Daughter was accepted for Spring semester, but wait listed for Fall semester. Accepted at UNC and USC for ED. I will admit that I’m very surprised at this decision since her stats fall well within their range, and she has lots of ECs, community service, internships, etc. It’s a shame because App State was her top choice. Congratulations to all who were accepted!