Appalachian State

Anyone else waiting to hear from Appalachian State? From posts from past years it looks like we might know before Christmas. This is my first choice.

I’m still waiting. Hopefully this week.

Wanted to go to this school since 4th grade. Hoping to study sustainability. I heard from UNCA, UNCG, ECU this week,but really just want to hear from Appalachian. I will probably go to UNCA if I don’t get in.

My daughter is waiting to hear too. She also applied to UNC Chapel Hill and UVA but App is her first choice. Her brother is a senior at App (Computer Science) and loves it!

@ncmom1011 I applied as a computer science major as well! I haven’t heard much about the program at App State, so can you tell me anything about it? Does he like it?

I’m thinking we will be waiting longer this year for decisions because of the recent weather situation. I’m sure if classes were cancelled admissions wasn’t working. I am hoping to hear before Christmas.

I applied early to Appalachian State and the website says we will receive a decision by January 25th I would be surprised to hear this early

I saw that but according to post from past years, CC posters have reported learning about decisions as early as December 16. Maybe we will get lucky and find out before Christmas, if not January will be here soon enough.

@babin101 he has liked the program very much! He has compared notes with friends who are doing the same program at other schools (NC State, Va. Tech and UNC Ch H, and it seems comparable from what they have said. He also has an aunt who works at Microsoft who has been impressed by what he is learning.

My daughter is hoping to hear soon from Appalachian! Hopefully by the end of the week… if the forums from the past are any indication.

Portals are open!

^Yes!! I got accepted to App!!! :)>-

I just got an email saying they were still reading applications and they would email me when my decision was ready…no change to my portal

Same here. Got an email saying it was still under review,
no change to portal yet. Hoping they will get to the rest tomorrow!

My daughter got a ‘yes’ today. I did email admissions earlier this week and they said they were sending out a handful in mid-January and the balance by 1/20.

That was what I was hoping but nothing yet I think that makes me a rejection or being deferred.

For those who have been accepted can you please post your stats. Trying to remain hopeful :slight_smile:

Happy New Year everyone!!

Looking forward to the second round of decisions in the new year. I looked at last year’s posts and they were posted around the 18th. You can search for last year’s posts by pasting this in the search bar “Appalachian State University Early Action 2022”.

My daughter was accepted on the 20th and here are her stats:
1400 SAT
All IB and AP classes
3.9 UW
4.7 W
Captain of academic team
Pres of German club
Lots of volunteering

Still waiting any rejections yet?