Appeal Dilemma

<p>hey guys, just looking for some opinions. I am looking forward to appeal to UCDavis however i have also received an D in my AP Chemistry semester grade. I can’t decide whether I should say I got the D due to separation of family or whether to use that hardship as an reason for appeal. Opinions please!</p>

<p>Hi there and welcome to the forums. </p>

<p>So your saying you want to appeal, but you got a D in AP chem your first semester senior year? </p>

<p>I won't ask you to explain your seperation of family reason, but appeals are pretty rare to get anyways, it will be hard to get one after getting a D your senior year. </p>

<p>But hey, might as well try. I would use your separation from family as your excuse, as Davis gives you points for that kinda stuff. Also try to include your D in that and say that you were just not able to study due to this hardship. I think they would understand. If you are close enough (You gotta have around a 4.0 and some nice sats) they might just admit you. </p>

<p>Good luck with the appeal</p>

<p>Thanks, the thing is that UC Davis requires a explanation for my D AND also my reason for appeal. So basically I have to write two prompts but i don't want to use the same reason.</p>