Appeal/ Rejection Letter :(

Hi everyone! I originally applied for spring 2020 but I was rejected to SAS NB so I re-applied for fall 2020. Needless to say, I was rejected 11 days after submitting my app. When I applied, my GPA went from a 2.8 to a 2.95. I was hoping that the incline of my GPA, and being on the dean’s list at the end of spring 2020 would give me boost but unfortunately, it didn’t. The minimum requirement for SAS NB is a 3.0. I am currently taking classes online to bring up my GPA. 1. When should I write my appeal letter? Should I wait till after I finish the classes I am currently in so I can attach my new transcript? 2. What are my chances of being reconsidered? 3. If there is anyone on here who has gotten in through an appeal/reconsideration, can you talk about your experience? The fact that I’ve applied twice and that I am appealing should show that I really want to go to Rutgers New Brunswick.

Based on the possible deferrals that they may be receiving (i.e. Accepted Students for 2020 that want to wait a year… sometimes because of COVID and online courses) appeals are winning because schools want to fill classes. I would appeal and emphasis the improvement, EVEN in the midst of what you have had to deal with… with COVID!