Appeal UVA Decision?

<p>I have just gotten my decision from UVA. My application to the school of commerce and arts and sciences has been denied.</p>

<p>When I applied, I was very unsure of what I wanted to study. I was torn between business and computer science. Because of this, I applied to Commerce and Arts and Sciences. I have since realized that the school of Commerce is the most selective school at UVA and Arts and Sciences is the most crowded. EDIT: To clarify, engineering at UVA is technically less competitive than these two schools.</p>

<p>Now that some time has passed, I know I want to study engineering, specifically computer engineering. I am a strong applicant and was a little surprised that I had been denied. I have been accepted to the college of engineering at VTech as well as computer science at UT Austin. I think my chances of getting into the school of engineering are better.</p>

<p>I can accept that I was rejected, but I want to make ever effort, especially since I made a mistake on the application. I realize that the success of an appeal is slim to none, but because UVA is my first choice, I see no reason not to try everything I can.</p>

<p>Though this argument may sound weak, I plan to appeal the decision on the grounds that I should have applied to the school of engineering. I hope to get the my application reevaluated by the school of engineering.</p>

<p>Any advice on how I should go about this is welcome. Thank you.</p>

<p>Given that the engineering school probably has higher standards for admission, I think you’re going down the wrong path. </p>

<p>Just my opinion.</p>

<p>Thank you for the reply. I have edited the information above.</p>

<p>I don’t think that it works that way. You can either take a gap year doing exciting and interesting things and reapply as an engineering major, go to another school, take the courses as close as you can to a UVA engineering freshman’s slate and then try to tranfer. The engineering school has selected all they want of students for the next year, I would think. If it really dwells on you, do call the school and ask outright so you know from a primary source that this is the case, but really, I don’t think an appeal under your circumstances would prevail.</p>

<p>This is a stressful time. For clarification, UVa’s McInire School of Commerce (which is indeed very competitive) is a two year program that students apply to after completing a series of required prerequisites in their second year. You applied for acceptance to, and were evaluated for, the college of liberal arts & sciences (CLAS). Your application was viewed with no more scrutiny then someone who was undecided. You are correct that the engineering school, SEAS, is a different applicant pool. People can argue all day long which is harder (SEAS has higher stats, however we know UVa is holistic), but the bottom line is they are looking for different qualities. </p>

<p>I do not believe UVa will consider appeals (check Dean Js blog where this may have been answered). Congratulations on your acceptances to VT and UT Austin, both excellent schools.</p>

<p>Heck, if you want to go engineering then Tech is probably the stronger school anyway.</p>

<p>Thank you for all the replies. I will give UVA a call and ask them what they think directly.</p>