<p>So has anyone ever appealed and got in? I know i have almost no chance of getting in when i appeal but i'm thinking of appealing.</p>

<p>People are successful with appeals because they achieve things in the period between applications and acceptances that warrant reevaluation, like winning a big award... just disagreeing with your admissions decision isn't enough.</p>

<p>Your chances of getting in via appeal are very small. The only person I know who got in through appeal was able to do so because the College Board made some sort of error and didn't send her SAT scores or something even though she requested them.</p>

<p>I think you should try it. The worst that can happen is that they say no.</p>

<p>there's always marching band appeals ;)</p>

<p>Yesyes those work wonders! A guy at my school last year said he'd join their band. They auditioned him and he got in!</p>

<p>8% appeal acceptance rate.</p>

<p>My friend got in with an Appeals. He wrote his SAT score wrong on his App. He wrote 560 but he got 760 for Bio SAT II. And with just that, he got it.</p>

<p>you never know!</p>

<p>wow. but i dont have anything. I was in regular physiology and then transferred to track about two months ago. I didnt report the changes. Do you think that MIGHT change the decision. Im trying to be very optimistic here.</p>

<p>how do we know if collegeboard didn't send a score, or if a score that was sent was wrong???</p>

<p>So you can tell them about things that happened in between Nov 30th and your rejection letter? What do you exactly send them in the letter...a letter saying why you should get in, recommendations, a list of new info..etc?</p>