<p>UCLA</a> Undergrad Admissions: Appeals - Freshman Applicants</p>

<p>I really think I deserve to get into UCLA, I have a rigerous schedule with high test scores. However, I was rejected, so I have decided to appeal.</p>

<p>The appeals website states that you must post "new and compelling" information that wasn't present on your original application. </p>

<p>Thats the question - I dont think anything is new and compelling, but rather, that I should have gotten in with the stats I currently have.</p>

<p>Can anyone advise me as to what to include in the letter I have to write? I dont know what to say.</p>

<p>Eh, stats aren't everything, especially now that holistic admissions are in place. Like med school, UCLA also wants well-rounded applicants, not just pure bookworms. </p>

<p>You can argue that you're academically qualified, I suppose. But, you should really concentrate on your ECs and your desire to attend; what can you bring into UCLA, besides an academic mind?</p>

<p>Find out if there is some kind of a hard academic test which you can take and get quick results. Or maybe enroll yourself in a course of your interest and get a certificate. I don't know, just two ideas.</p>

<p>well thats the thing - i do consider myself an all round student. you can probably see my other posts on CC, but i have a 31 act (32 superscored), 2020 SAT, 800 math 2c, 9 AP classes, 2 community college classes, 8 honors classes, while still retaining about 120 hours of community service, president and founder of computer club (roles in other clubs as well), and ive done soccer, cross country, and tennis for 4 years each and have varsity letters in them all.</p>

<p>i dont write that for the purpose of bragging, but only to prove that the holistic approach should be in my favor. do you think that if in my letter i just argue that i am strong in academics yet still well rounded, that would be enough?</p>

<p>i just dont want to do exactly what they told me not to do - repeat information already present on my original application.</p>

<p>Appeals to Admission Decisions
- Freshmen</p>

<p>UCLA does not set aside space in our class for students who appeal admission decisions. Every denied application has gone through extensive reviews. Therefore, for an appeal to have merit, it must bring to light new academic and personal information as well as information pertaining to extenuating circumstances that was not present in the application—information that clearly shows the student to be stronger than had been earlier evidenced. High grades received in the senior year are not a basis for the reversal of a decision.</p>

<p>Submitting an Appeal</p>

<li>Send us a letter requesting that we reconsider your application. The letter must come from you (the applicant) and be postmarked no later than Friday, April 18, 2008.*</li>
<li>Your letter must clearly outline your reasons for appealing the initial decision. The information you present should be new and compelling. Your letter should not simply repeat information that had already been presented in your application.</li>
<li>If the basis for your appeal involves specifics such as a changed grade or an incorrectly reported test score, you should provide documentation (e.g., a transcript or a revised score report) in the same envelope as your letter of appeal.</li>
<li>Letters of recommendation are not required. If you wish to include such letters with your appeal, the limit is two (2).</li>

<p>It is our usual practice to respond to appeals within three (3) weeks of the date we receive them. However, we cannot guarantee a response by May 1, the date by which many institutions require their applicants to make a commitment. We encourage applicants to consider all of their educational options.</p>

<p>While all appeals are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, the rate of a decision being reversed based upon an appeal has historically been very low.</p>

<p>All appeals should be directed to:</p>

<p>UCLA Undergraduate Admissions
and Relations with Schools
1147 Murphy Hall, Box 951436
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1436</p>

<p>Attn: Appeals Committee</p>

<p>You may be qualified, but at a certain point, it just becomes random. Also, remember the odds are against you coming from out of state. There are people who got in that were "better" that you AND that were worse. That's just how the dice landed.</p>

<p>I'm sure you have/will have many other great opportunities for colleges, and I wouldn't waste your time on UCLA. Without "new and compelling evidence" (which is what is required for an appeal), your chances of overturning the decision are low anyway. =/</p>