<p>I just got rejected by UCSD. I really looked forward to going there. But i was told that appealing actually is favorable in respects to reversing the decision. I just wanted to know how exactly how to appeal, what you need to do, and the probability to reverse the decision.</p>

<p>You need a good reason... It ain't the legal system where you just appeal because you are unsatisfied with the results.</p>

<p>appeals are usually made in exceptional circumstances. Like your recommendations got mixed up, your transcript didn't send, you won a national championship since you applied, etc.</p>

<p>appeals have to be done to unusual circumstances. To appeal a rejection and to be successful is rare unless you got a good reason. Just because you got rejected and you want to go there is no grounds for an appeal although you could always try lol. Best of luck doing that. If I were you, I would just go on and hopefully will get in somewhere else.</p>

<p>I think UC appeals are much more common than appeals to other schools...</p>

<p>hell, who cares. its worth a try, i mean this is your dream school. who cares if you dont have a solid reason. I say its worth trying, go for it. Better having that piece of mind then never knowing whta could have happened....</p>

<p>Call UCSD and ask them to give you your score. See how much you miss the cutoff point. Also you'll be surprised to find out they miss tally a lot of things. I've heard one student was not given the proper points for volunteer hours eventhough this person listed 150 hours on the application. These little old ladies that read these applications probably missed it. Another parent stated that UCSD missed 2 leadership positions that her S listed. Make sure you know the point system before calling them. At this point they will try to justify their decision, so do not back down when you know you are right. Good luck!</p>

<p>You shouldn't appeal unless something changed from your initial application.</p>