(Apple) Laptop recommendations for new college student next fall

Hi all,

I am looking to purchase a new laptop for college next fall. I’ve been having problems with my HP and am looking to buy an Apple Macbook Pro or Air as an upgrade.
All recommendations are helpful.


Make sure you use the Education site to get the better pricing. Also Apple has a deal when school is starting where in the past they have also offered free Beats headphones. Which model you choose depends on what kind of work you will be doing. If you are going to be doing some stuff that’s going to work the processor hard get a Pro for sure. The M1 chip is great but apparently there are currently issue running Windows virtualization programs if needed. We have some Air’s around the house but all our work machines are Pro’s and will be getting daughters Pro’s for school. Just debating on M1 or Intel chips.

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The bookstore at D’s school sent a tech catalog in the college’s big summer mailing packet. We were torn between 2 different Apple models and DH called and spoke to the head of the tech sales team who helped us decide what to get based on her major. He also gave us a promo code for an additional discount to use on the website. Check with your school’s bookstore because they may have additional benefits like free loaners if you need to send away for service (D’s school only offers that to those who bought there, not to everyone).

We ended up with a MacBook Pro, 512 GB, and Intel i5 processor. No complaints from D.


Hey there! It’ll depend what you’re studying and what your needs are. Can you elaborate a bit on what you will be studying and how you’ll use the laptop?
Happy to help!

I’ll be a public health major with a double major in nutrition. Most likely will be using the laptop for studying and probably for lectures in classes

There may be some Apple products released this month and WWDC is in June.

I agree with a previous post that you should wait until it’s closer to the fall. That deal with the free beats headphones seems to be there every year for students.

Go for the Macbook Air. I say this because you’ll get extra battery life. You likely won’t need the extra processing power of a Pro. The air is also lighter. Don’t purchase either model yet because new models are to come soon and so are deals! 100% use your college discount but also check with Amazon as Apple will price match in some cases.

I know I put the Beats headphone deal previously but they have moved to AirPods and AirPods Pro’s. Usually starts around mid-June through mid-Oct. Definitely should wait until summer if you can. Check your schools tech website or use the Apple Education Store. Hopefully the M1 16 inch MBP will be released shortly and everything will be sorted out with running Windows stuff virtually. If not they still have the i7 and i9 Intel MBPs.

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Costco currently has the MacBook Air for the same price as direct Apple Educational pricing: $899

Macbook should be the first preferance for any student.