application 2008

<p>anyone know when the 2008 applications will be released? and when were the '07 ones released? thanks in advance.</p>

<p>I did part 1 of my app sometime in august I think, but I wouldn't worry too much about it. Most people plan on doing their applications early but end up procrastinating until the last minute anyways. (I finished writing my last essay 20 minutes before the app deadline.)</p>

<p>i think last yr i got the application in late june...i think. some questions im sure will prob show up anyways, like, "why emory," and they also asked like what connections u had to emory, like friend, campus tour, alumni connection, so much and so forth, and the dates for the tours and i guess get that in order. i waited until midnight to do the application though, not the best thing to do, but it worked i i wouldnt worry too much about it...enjoy your summer before your senior yr :)</p>

<p>thanks. i dont have the greatest credentials and grades so im trying to nail the application essays at least.</p>

<p>from what ive heard, emory goes for ppl who seem to really really wanna be there, as in, they just didnt apply to it as backup for the ivies. so that would my advice, just focus alot on coming up with some reasons as to y u think emory is the best place for u</p>

<p>sounds good. thanks.</p>