Application Complete - Priority Admission

<p>My son's application recently changed from Regular Admission Pending - Manual Processing Req (his school doesn't rank), to Priority Admission, so I know the file is complete and has been at least preliminarily reviewed by Admissions. I know I'll need to wait until Dec 11 to view the decision online, but if they make an admit decision prior to that date is there any material that is sent to the applicant, or, if an admit decision has been made, and the applicant calls, will he/she be informed verbally as opposed to waiting for the online decision to show up?</p>

<p>I know some big 10 schools, like Wisconsin, do rolling admissions, and some applicants have already received admission decisions. I'm hoping that Illinois, feeling the competition, might start rolling them out soon too.</p>

<p>Illinois used to do rolling admissions but, beginning entry class of 2007, it changed to just two decision dates in December (for priority date applications) and February (for all the rest plus those priority date applicants deferred in December). And there is no pending proposal or intent to change back to rolling admissions. You will not receive a decision until the scheduled date in December and you cannot call before then and learn a decision.</p>