Application Confirmation?

<p>So I applied RD on 1/1, and I have yet to receive any notification from Vanderbilt whether my application was complete or not.</p>

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<p>According to the link above, I should have received an email? What about the rest of you guys?</p>

One of my friends that applied RD received an email from the Director of Admissions saying that his application was complete and “ready for review” or something along the lines of that. As long as your MyAppVu shows a green check mark next to your application and says application complete, you are good to go I think. Mine has shown the green check mark and application complete notice for several weeks now so I am sure it takes them a while to send out emails.</p>

<p>I applied on Dec 10, 2013. I just got an email saying my application is complete</p>

<p>Okay hi guys! Apparently Vanderbilt used an email I don’t frequently use; I made a new email for the commonapp, so I’m not sure how they found this email. Anyways, I missed the Interview request deadline… any chances of me getting an interview?</p>