Application Confirmation

I submitted my application to SLU back in December and got an email saying that it was received and Admissions was looking forward to reading it, but no word on whether it was complete. I didn’t get a PIN or any login info for their portal like I did with every other school except William and Mary. From their website, it doesn’t seem as if SLU even has an online portal. I want to make sure they received everything, but I’m not sure how to go about that.

I wanted to check and see whether or not this is typical or if I am missing another confirmation, before emailing SLU and asking them. If they say they received my application, does that mean it is complete (most schools say they will contact you if they are missing anything)? Anyone have any insight/experience with this?


It was the same for my daughter. We did call to confirm that they had all the financial aid info and they had received it. I do like being able to see on a portal when everything is received.

I submitted my application a few weeks ago and got a confirmation email shortly after as well. However, I received an additional email prompting me to make an account at that shows the status of your application. Is it possible you have missed an email? Either way I would make an account there with the information used on your application. Good luck!

Thank you for that information. I created an account and was able to see that all documents have been received except the mid year grades.

Thank you both so much for the helpful info! You’re right @ToAGreatPerhaps, I must have missed that email. I’m guessing it went to my spam folder (I’ll definitely be checking that more frequently!) I was able to make an account and saw my status, so thank you very much for telling us about the account.