Application Dates?

Hi! I’m going to be applying to the University of Pittsburgh class of 2020 this next year. I was wondering if there is a date when the application opens and I am able to apply. I can’t find any information on this on Pitt’s website. Also, will the essay questions remain the same for the class of 2020?

I would like to know as well.

I thought it was mentioned awhile ago in one of the other threads by someone that the essay questions for the class of 2020 might change from the ones used by the class of 2019. I would double check though because I’m not positive and it was a post from awhile ago so things may have changed.

check out this thread for some info

Hello All!

The application will open in mid-August. We have posted the NEW essay questions for the the Fall 2016 application for anyone who would like to work on those questions while they wait:

-A Pitt Admissions Staffer