Application Deadline and Test Scores

<p>I know some schools have a preferred application deadline of Nov. 1 (to be considered for all scholarships). If a student retakes the ACT on Oct. 25 to improve the test score, will the colleges accept a score received shortly after the application is submitted? Or should all test scores be received prior to applying?</p>

<p>They should accept the scores. Since the dates are so close together, though, the applicants need to be prepared to apply based on the scores he or she already has; nobody is guaranteed any score increase, much less an increase that will significantly alter the admissions outlook. Requested score reports will go out to all the colleges the student lists, and colleges will probably receive them while the review process is underway. I suppose my point is that if a college immediately dismisses an applicant on November 2nd, before seeing a final set of scores, those scores probably wouldn’t make a difference. </p>

<p>My daughter received an ACT composite of 31. She wants to make a 33 or 34. Due to a scheduled surgery, she may not be able to test again until the Oct. 25 date. She’ll do a test-prep course to improve her score prior to the next test. Our biggest interest in the retake is qualifying for any and all merit scholarships. </p>

<p>I assume you mean UMich-AA. Call them up directly. They won’t quibble with the facts with you. Good luck</p>