Application deadline strictness

<p>Ok, so, longstory short, (I think) I’m missing a teacher recommendation. On the Common App page it says I’m missing a recommendation, but on the Agora Portal, it says I have all my documents (I’m not sure if they account for BOTH teacher evaluations/recommendations). This is making me so nervous…</p>

<p>Technically, the deadline was extended, because of the recent snowstorm, till tomorrow. So, basically I want to know if the recommendation can be submitted tomorrow and be able to make it in time for the Early Action deadline (my teacher has it done and everything, there’s just an unnecessary explanation as to why it’s not submitted yet). Or would they be strict about it? I’m not really sure how long things take to process. Thank you for your helpp!</p>

<p>I think Agora lists all documents, so if under "Received Documents" it lists "Instructor Evaluation" then I think you are good. I don't know much about EA deadline, but for the most part schools are lenient on receiving supporting documents after the deadline and usually the only thing that has to be in by that date is the common app and supplement. Good luck!</p>

<p>thanks! i feel a bit relieved :)</p>

<p>Two things:</p>

<p>The CA does not send every file to a college when you push the Send button. Ditto your recommender. The files sit in a queue until a college is ready to receive them. Then they are batch processed to the college. Even if your recommender has sumbitted last week and there was no snow storm, BC -- or any other college -- might not even plan to upload until Nov 3, or any other day after Nov 1.</p>

<p>Second, colleges are very understanding about items not in your control. As long as you pushed the Send button on time, they'll wait a few extra days for recs. They realize that teachers and GC's are all trying to make the same deadline for hundreds of seniors at a large school.</p>

<p>I would give it a little time for them to sort everything out. My teachers sent their recs in by mail, and it still has not shown up on the Agora thing, but I think it will take them a while to get organized and have your file completely set due to the large amounts of applicants.</p>

<p>Most of these replies should guide you in the right direction, but if you have any addition questions I recommend you call the school directly and state your question. I had a question about my application a few days ago and was given an email address to a specified admissions employee who was able to switch my application from REA to RD so that I could apply ED to a different school while following the school's unique guidelines. </p>

<p>They are very understanding, but make sure you call during their hours of operations and be mindful of the different timezones.</p>