Application deadline vs ACT score !!!

<p>So I am giving my 1st TOEFL this coming week.Confident but still nervous about the reading section (drives me INSANE at times),ACT,SAT2(Math2 and Phy) I only have these 3 exams and the climax is :I only have 1 shot to score 100,31+ and 750+ in TOEFL,ACT and SAT 2 respectively.A score which so many candidates achieve after giving these exams so many times.WOW :\ but that shouldn't bother me anyway.</p>

<p>Well getting into the crux,my main question is,I've been through the application deadlines of all the colleges I want to apply,BUT,all of them have their deadline by dec 31st or just a 2 days extended period till jan 2nd.
Princeton has given a clear explanation that you may submit your SAT scores by jan mid and ACT scores by mid feb.Gave me SOME hope!! </p>

<p>UCB CONFUSED me.They have mentioned "Applicants must take their standardized tests latest by dec" so would they accept the Dec ACT scores(which is expected to arrive by mid feb) ????</p>

<p>Also,do Cornell & Columbia accept scores of dec ACT ??</p>

<p>Just about every college in the nation accepts the December SAT and ACT tests for regular admission. The application deadline date is not the date by which test scores must be in. Many of those like the UCs want you to designate them as a recipient on your application for the December test, e.g., as one of your free sends, so score is sent automatically upon release. That is the fastest method of delivery of a test score. If you designate a college as one to receive scores as part of your application to take the test it will be sent within a week after scores come out (long before mid-February). (Note for UCs, you need send scores to only one UC to which you are applying and others will get scores from that one.) Many colleges, but not the UCs, even accept Jan SAT tests. Cornell and Columbia are among those.</p>

<p>drusba,are you 100% sure?? I mean yeah I've read many colleges allowing the Dec Test scores but National</a> University Rankings | Top National Universities | US News Best Colleges ,this site SCARES me </p>

<p>If you click on Columbia,it says last date to <em>receive</em> test scores is FEB 1 (whereas I doubt if the dec ACT SCORES will be out by feb 1..It takes too long)</p>

<p>Surprisingly here,UCB (which said "all RD applicants must take their tests by dec" in their official site) but here it says by 31st DEC :S</p>

<p>anD its the same case with Cornell too.</p>

<p>I'm unable to understand WHAT IS THE TRUTH!!! =&lt;/p>

<p>I am correct and I am not sure where you get the information that your Dec ACT scores won't be out until mid-Feb since scores are released in late December and even if writing score is needed it should be sent by no later than mid-Jan (usually even writing scores are out by early jan and scores are sent by no later than mid-Jan). Not sure why you think that when UCB says take test by December, you think it means something other than December. I guess you think it is not clear enough but then for Internationals (whose test dates are the same as US and are subject to same deadlines as domestic applicants), it says, "All exams must be completed no later than the December examination dates of the year in which you file your application." <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Also, understand what actually happens if a test is not there by when they think they need it. Toward end of January or early Feb, they send you a notice stating that test scores are missing and that you need to get them in quickly or they will assume you are not applying. Thus, you actually get a second chance to submit scores.</p>

<p>As to Columbia and Cornell:</p>

<p>Columbia: Required</a> Standardized Testing | Columbia University Office of Undergraduate Admissions
"You may take standardized tests as late as November for Early Decision and January for Regular Decision."</p>

Cornell</a> Engineering: Freshman Checklist
"January test dates are the latest scores accepted." (Though page is for engineering it is the same for all the Cornell colleges.)</p>

<p>Thank you.
I don't know why there are so many sites with so many misinformation.However,the official site could never go wrong.</p>

<p>And in the case of ACT scores,I don't know exactly from where but I remember I've read somewhere written "It takes 3-8 weeks for the score to come out and it takes few extra weeks in the case of optional writing"</p>

<p>Hence,I was worried.</p>